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Handyman services, Renovations and Home Maintenance Services. From smaller jobs to full-out reno’s and project management – we’ve got you covered. Subscription based property maintenance plans also available to promote prevention, maintenance and longevity. Licensed & Insured, your one stop provider for any home repairs / maintenance / renovations.


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Handyman Services

Do you have holes in your drywall? Screen doors that have fallen off their tracks? If so, it is time for you to call HandyHome. We can save you time and money by coming to your house and performing all of the fixes that have been accumulating on your to-do list.

Renovation Services

If you are inspired to upgrade an area of your home, it is time you called HandyHome and talk to us about our remodeling services. From installing a new floor in your bathroom to replacing the cabinets in your kitchen, we do it all, big or small.

Painting Services

We at HandyHome know that a fresh coat of paint can make all of the difference in your home, and we are ready to help you achieve the exact look you want for your interior and exterior living spaces. There is no project too large or too small for our team.

Plumbing Services

Plumbing problems come in different sizes and shapes but whatever the problem is, you need not to worry anymore. HandyHome provides residential plumbing services. We want your plumbing problems to be fixed without any hassle.

Electrical services

We at HandyHome know that electrical projects can easily pile up on your to-do list. From hard-to-reach light bulbs to installing new light fixtures, we can perform electrical work such as installing light fixtures, repair damaged light switches, dimmers and much more.

Maintenance services

Over time, your home can fall victim to normal wear and tear of living-and things that may seem little can add up quickly. That is why regular maintenance can make a huge difference. We can come to your home and make sure it is in top shape throughout the year.

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Our home improvement specialists will assign a project manager that will assist you throughout your project. On the day of the scheduled appointment, our certified technicians will preform the needed repairs. Your project manager will then make sure your home is in perfect condition and the job was done properly, relieving you of the burden and freeing up your time.



HandyHome is not just a one guy show, we’re a whole team. When you hire HandyHome, you’ll work with an entire team of home improvement specialists beginning with your first phone call. From our friendly customer service representatives, to our highly skilled technicians, you can expect an exceptional service experience from each team member you interact with.


At HandyHome we stand behind our work. We guarantee the quality and workmanship our technicians provide. You can count on our customer care team to ensure you get the best service possible when it comes to your home improvement or maintenance project.


You don’t want just any “handyman” working on your home or business, you want a tradesman with real experience. That is exactly what you get when you choose HandyHome. We employ technicians with an average experience of at least 10 years.


We at HandyHome got your back. No more hard work, no more searching the web for someone to entrust your home, no more unknown/unqualified handymen or contractors, and no more fear of being misled and billed double. Quality and integrity is what we stand for – all our technicians are knowledgeable, background checked and licensed if applicable.



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"Love my new bathroom. HandyHome took take of everything from point A to Z I didn't have to lift a finger. Beautiful, clean and very professional"


"Super professional, efficient and clean work! I was so happy and will use them in the future again! I signed up for the monthly subscription and am so excited for the year ahead. They were so accommodating to my busy schedule and I had no complaints from the building or my neighbors ( which is important when you’re doing a Reno in a condo). They adhered to the condo rules and maintained their professionalism."

Liron S.

"Thank you very much for great work. We are extremly pleased with the workers amd customer service. Will definitly hire them for another project at my home."


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Being a landlord requires you to wear different hats at various times. Among other roles, property owners often have to play the part of a handyman. There are so many things that can go wrong in a rental making it hard for owners not to be hands-on.

Landlords have three options for how they approach a rental property’s maintenance issues.


What Every Landlord Needs to Know About Maintenance

Maintenance can make or break a rental business; it can harm or boost a landlord’s business in four important ways.

The owner of a poorly-maintained property will find it hard to attract renters. Chances that tenants will suffer harm while living in a property and sue the owner are increased.

The landlord must carry out costly…


Tips on Maintenance from a Professional Handyman

Staying up to speed with home maintenance costs time and money. Sometimes, homeowners intentionally delay calling the handyman because of this. But not every maintenance task in your home requires the attention of a professional handyman.

There are lots of things you could do by yourself, both to cut costs and to save you and the handyman’s time.


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