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What We can Do


  • Picture and mirror hanging
  • Remove / install curtains
  • Bulb replacement in&outdoor
  • Appliance connect
  • Furniture repositioning
  • AV connection, config
  • Home network setup
  • Squeak remediation
  • Drain unclogging
  • Chandelier replacement
  • Faucet replacement
  • AC coil clean (service AC)
  • Service furnace
  • Lube door hinges
  • Tub / shower stall recaulking
  • Windows seal inspection
  • Furniture assembly
  • Lock replacement
  • Toilet replacement
  • Cabinet assembly


What We can Do

What is HandyHome?

HandyHome is a subscription service that provides maintenance, repair and a handyman for your home or rental property. We put your home on a carefully crafted maintenance schedule designed to prevent failures and maintain your home in the best shape possible, thus saving you unforeseen expenses and surprise failures in the long run. In case something does break down – most of our plans come with handyman hours included. These also can be used for your “wants” such as chandelier replacement / blinds or curtains installation & much more.

Why choose HandyHome?

The multitude of advantages includes:

  • One stop provider of all home related needs/wants, inside and out
  • Thorough inspections and preventive maintenance
  • Preparation for winter & summer
  • Peace of mind with regards to in-home to-do list
  • Reduced rates for materials and repairs. Due to our complex business concept, you can save tremendously on all home needs/wants.
  • Assistance with unexpected break-downs, no more stress and uncertainty regarding whom to call
  • Fully insured, criminal-checked, expert handymen
  • Premium customer service and dedicated team of experts
  • Easy, automatic monthly plan payments get you covered and free up your time for what matters
How does it actually work like in real life?

Every quarter, one of our experts will visit your home to perform one or a combination of the following service visits: 

  • General inspection: HVAC systems, structure, plumbing fixtures, etc. 
  • Winterize: prevent water damage, drain valves, clean gutters, etc.
  • Preparation for summer
  • Mechanical maintenance: fridge coil cleaning, AC coils, 
  • Fire prevention: Dryer exhaust pipe maintenance and old lint removal 
  • Duct cleaning
  • Leaf collection
  • Handyman repairs / improvements
  • Much more

You will get a detailed report after each visit, outlining what was done, what was found, and our recommendations for keeping your home and all systems their best. Should there be a need to repair anything – we will contact you to explain the findings, costs, and provide you with a reduced rate yet quality service, beating market prices for such repairs.

Do you offer any additional services that I can add to my plan?

Yes, we offer many additional services to provide you with the convenience of working with a ONE STOP PROVIDER. Our qualified contractors can offer anything from picture hanging to fully renovating your home. Please contact us directly for any requests not mentioned in our plans.

Can my plan be transferred if I sell my home?

Yes! Your plan can be transferred to your new property with one phone call or email. If you have a grandfathered plan which you would want to keep – no problem! 

Transferring the plan to new home owners is also an option, please call our office to arrange.

How does HandyHome's subscription service differ from a home warranty?

Simply put: a warranty will cover the repair of a break-down or damage, under all the proper circumstances, AFTER it has occurred. Warranty is an insurance product. HANDYHOME is a service company, not insurance, it is a: home inspection, preventive maintenance and repair company, providing you with actual service aimed to REDUCE and ELIMINATE breakdowns and failures. We attend to so many points within your home that they simply can’t all be listed here. Also, we are your handyman for those jobs that are otherwise too expensive on the market / too small for contractors to take upon, or those tasks that no one else wants to get involved. Hang a picture / replace a chandelier – most plans would offer all that for free*!

Can i cancel my subscription?
  1. WITHIN FIRST 24 HOURS OF SUBSCRIBING (Grace period): Just email us and we will cancel your subscription.
  2. AFTER 24 HOURS AND BEFORE ANY SERVICE HAS BEEN PROVIDED (Initiation period): A $79 cancellation fee will be applied. Email us to initiate cancellation.
  3. AFTER SERVICE OR VISIT HAVE TAKEN PLACE: Our generous services do not always let us break even at any given point in time. Some services are tendered first and only with time we are able to recover the associated expense. Therefore, cancellations at this stage (past initiation period) are subject to a minimum of 90 days cancellation fee. The exact cancellation fee for each request will be determined by Customer Experience Officer. Please note, in some cases the cancellation may be equivalent or greater than 90 days.
  4. MOVING: If you are moving to an area outside of our service area, you may cancel your subscription provided 90 days notice or submitting the applicable cancellation fee. Services tendered during the last 90 days period may be limited as means to compensate HANDYHOME for services provided to date.

need help?

Need more information? Just give us a call at
647-360-1460 or send us a message and one of our customer care specialists will gladly help you.