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Tips on Maintenance From a Professional Handyman

Staying up to speed with home maintenance costs time and money. Sometimes, homeowners intentionally delay calling the handyman because of this. But not every maintenance task in your home requires the attention of a professional handyman.

There are lots of things you could do by yourself, both to cut costs and to save you and the handyman’s time. Several homeowners don’t know it. But some handymen would actually like the homeowners to handle some of the home’s maintenance needs by themselves.

RCPM explains that’s because most competent handymen are busy and do not appreciate being called for minor stuff you could easily take care of. They would rather spend their time helping you with serious issues. That way they can maximize their earnings, and you can derive the most value from the service.

If you had a chance to talk with a professional handyman, what are the things he would like you to be able to do in your home? These could be small maintenance tasks that help your home to work better. They could also be things you do before a handyman arrives that make his work easier and your costs lower.

Here are some things a professional handyman would tell you if you had that conversation with him:

Inspect Your Home

You should not wait for things to go wrong before you fix them. If you make a habit of inspecting the home, some problems can be prevented or detected early. To do a routine inspection of your home, you only need a checklist and a schedule.

Learn how to unclog toilets and drains

Clogged drains and toilets are a common occurrence in homes. If you don’t take steps to prevent them, you will have to deal with them from time to time. But a clogged drain is not a big deal. It is not hard to solve, and you are unlikely to damage anything.

Keep track of your water bill

One of the best ways to detect a leak in your home before it becomes apparent is by watching for inexplicable spikes in water usage. If you monitor the water bill, you will know how much you spend on average every month. If this increases suddenly, you may suspect a leak.

Flush your water heater to prolong its life

Accumulated debris and mineral deposits inside the water heater will impede its performance and make it prone to malfunction. You can avoid this by flushing the appliance regularly. If you do this often, you can avoid running out of hot water unexpectedly.

Keep your dryers and front load washer clean

Front-load washers will often remain wet after your laundry. This makes them prone to breed mold and mildew. The appliance should be cleaned at least once a month. Dryers also need to have their vents and ducts cleaned. Or they leave your clothes with a bad smell.

Replace air filters on time

The efficiency of your HVAC systems will be hindered if the air filters are dirty. Dirty air filters force the appliances to work harder and make them use more energy. Not only is their efficiency impaired, their lifespan shortened too. You can avoid this by setting a reminder for air filter replacements.

Re-caulk your bathroom

Replacing the caulking around the bathroom is not hard at all; you only need a few tools that you probably have at home already. Caulking is found around showers, bathtubs, and bathroom fixtures. It can become discolored and brittle. Caulking also has a tendency to breed mold and mildew due to constant moisture exposure.

Clear your gutters

Dirty gutters pose a threat to the roof, walls, and foundation of your home. If the gutters are clogged, they will not discharge properly. You have to be intentional about inspecting the gutters since the channel is usually hidden from view. To know the state of your gutters, you need to get on a ladder.

Wash windows and sidings to protect them

Other than the fact that washing your windows and sidings makes your home look nicer, it also helps them last longer. A thorough wash will get rid of grime and other things that lodge on the surfaces, corners, and grooves to accelerate the deterioration of the material.

Try to repair before you replace

Before you dispose of things, find out if they can be repaired. There are lots of things people discard that will work if they are fixed. These can include anything from toys to furniture or

windows and doors. Many manufacturers will encourage you to get a new item, but ask before you dispose of the old ones.

Before you pick up the phone, try it yourself first

Before you pick up the phone to call your handyman over a blocked drain or similar minor issues, first try to fix it by yourself. Most times, the real problem is your own panic. If you pause that panic for a minute, you may discover that the problem is not as bad as you first imagined it.